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Yueqing Kangpa Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, covering an area of 12,000 square meters.Our company is the electric and electronic expert. And we can offer more than 600 kinds of distributing and controlling system products.Kampa CREAT in 2010. It is specialized in producing Circuit breaker and Distribution box. It has ISO9001, 5S system and advantage technology equipment. 

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product description

Molded Case Circuit Breakers Tmax 400 3P

Molded Case Circuit Breakers Vendor_Molded Case Circuit Breakers Tmax 400 3P


  • Suitable for industrial or commercial power and lighting with AC 50/60Hz,rated working voltage up to AC600V, rated current up to 630A.
  • Its a kind of economical breaker with the characters of stable and reliable function,beautiful appearance, small size and long life.It  can be used for conversion of line and infrequent starting motor.
  • It can also be attached to install the accessories which have protection function for avoiding loss-voltage,  undervoltage.
  • The product can install connection line with front board and back board,it also can equip hand-operating apparatus or motor-operating apparatus to control in a remote distance.
  • It complies with standard of IEC947-2.  


Type T1-100 T1-160 T3-250 T5-400 T5-630 T6-800 T7-1250 T7-1600 CJX2-D300 CJX2-D410 CJX2-D475 CJX2-D620
Pole nunmber 1,3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 300 410 475 620
Rated current ln(A) 25,32,40,50,60,80, 100 125160 160200250 300400 500630 700800 10001250 1600 117 138 147 180
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V) AC500 AC660 AC660 AC660 AC660 AC660 AC660 AC660 100 110 147 200
Utilisation category A A A A A A A A 160 220 265 335
Rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity lcu(KA) at 415V 25 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 180 220 280 375
Rated short-circuit service breaking capacity lcs(%lcu)at 415V 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 200 250 355 400


Molded Case Circuit Breakers CVS-160

Molded Case Circuit Breakers Vendor_Molded Case Circuit Breakers CVS-160


The design of CVS series of MCCB(shorted as circuit breaker) reflects the latest current limiting principle and manufacturing technology, characterized by compact structure, full modularization, high breaking, and zero arcover. Its rated insulation voltage is 750V, rated operating voltage is AC50/60Hz, 690V and below, rated working current up to 630A. It’s used for generating infrequent conversion and infrequent startup of the motor. Circuit breaking is equipped with overload, short circuit and under voltage protection devices, so as to protect the circuit and E type compact power equipments from damage.


Item No.   CVS100E CVS100/160/250  
Number of poles:   3P 3P 4P
Control Manual with toggle    
    with direct or extended rotary handle    
Connections Fixed front connections    
  Plug-in front conections/rear connections    
Rated current(A) In 100A 100A,160A,250A  
Rated operating voltage(V) Ue 50/60Hz, 440V    
Rated insulation voltage(V) Ui 690V    
Rated impulse withstand voltage(kV) Uimp 6kV 8kV  
Utilization category   A    
Operation performance Mechanical 10000 8500  
  Electrical 2000 1500  
Dimensions(mm) W X H X D   75 X 130 X 60 105 X 161 X 86 140 X 161 X 86
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