Kampa air circuit breaker manufacturer tells you about the operation and working principle of the air circuit breaker

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In this article, the Kampa air circuit breaker manufacturer will tell you what an air circuit breaker is, what its functions are, what protection functions it has, its working principle and other knowledge, so that everyone can understand the air circuit breaker.

Air Circuit Breakers KP-DW45

Air circuit breaker overview
Air circuit breaker (automatic switch) is a kind of circuit breaker. The insulating medium is air. It is a low-voltage switch with manual (or electric) closing, a lock to maintain the closing position, a tripping mechanism and an arc extinguishing device. It is currently widely used in AC and DC devices below 500V. It is used for connecting, breaking and carrying rated working current and fault current such as short circuit and overload.

The role of air circuit breakers
Generally, under normal circumstances, the armature of the over-current release is released; once a serious overload or short-circuit fault occurs, the coil connected in series with the main circuit will generate a strong electromagnetic attraction to attract the armature downward and open the lock hook , making the main contact open. The work of the undervoltage release is just the opposite. When the voltage is normal, the electromagnetic attraction attracts the armature, and the main contact can be closed. Once the voltage drops severely or the power is cut off, the armature is released to open the main contacts. When the power supply voltage returns to normal, it must be re-closed before it can work, realizing the voltage loss protection. The circuit breakers provided by Goline.com are generally to better protect the safety of the family, but also to adapt to the safe use of electricity by the masses.

What protection functions does the air circuit breaker have
①Current limiting and undervoltage protection: When the wires are short-circuited, a large current will occur, which will burn out the electrical appliances. The air switch has this function. When the current is greater than the current of the air switch, the switch will be clutched to achieve The destination of the power outage.
②Short-circuit protection: After using the air switch, when the line is short-circuited and grounded, it will automatically clutch.
③Overload and overheating protection: Overload means that the load is too large, and the heating of the wire causes the reaction of the electromagnetic coil of the air switch, which makes it clutch.
④ Isolation and phase-to-phase protection: Generally, a current below 30mA is normal and acceptable to the human body. If the leakage current is higher than this, it will be unsafe. Therefore, the air switch can isolate the leakage current above 30mA and switch the clutch within a few minutes (this The value is determined according to the parameters of the air switch).
⑤ Leakage protection: Everyone thinks that leakage occurs only to the ground, and others say that only the main switch and the induction switch can react. In fact, this is not complete. It will respond to leakage.

Working principle of air circuit breaker
There are three types of tripping methods: thermal tripping, electromagnetic tripping and double tripping. When the circuit is generally overloaded, the overload current can not make the electromagnetic tripper operate, but it can make the thermal element generate a certain amount of heat, which makes the bimetallic strip When it is heated, it bends upwards, pushes the lever to disengage the clasp from the lock, breaks the main contacts, and cuts off the power supply. When a short circuit or severe overload current occurs in the line, the short circuit current exceeds the instantaneous trip setting current value, and the electromagnetic tripper generates a large enough suction force to attract the armature and hit the lever, so that the hook rotates upward around the shaft seat and the lock is released , the lock will break the three pairs of main contacts under the action of the reaction force spring, and cut off the power supply.

I believe that after the analysis and understanding of the Kampa air circuit breaker manufacturer, everyone has a certain understanding and mastery of the role of the air circuit breaker. In order to avoid these disasters, the appearance of the air circuit breaker solves any problems that people face. Regarding the safety of electricity use, while understanding the function of air circuit breakers, I also hope that everyone will pay more attention to safety when using household electricity.