How to test the magnetic contactors?What parts does the electromagnetic contactor consist?

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How to test the magnetic contactor?
Whether the contact of each contact is good, whether the normally open contact is disconnected, whether the normally closed contact is closed, and vice versa. Is the coil good? Whether the movement of each mechanical part is flexible. Use the ohm range of a multimeter to measure the coil to see if the coil is short-circuited. If it is short-circuited, it proves that the coil is broken. Use the ohm range of a multimeter to measure whether the normally closed auxiliary contact is unobstructed. Press the main contact with your hand to see if the contactor mechanism is stuck. Directly energize the contactor coil to see if the contactor pulls in. After the contactor is closed, use a multimeter to check whether the normally open auxiliary contact is unobstructed.

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What parts does the electromagnetic contactor consist of
The electromagnetic contactor is mainly composed of a transmission device (attraction coil, static iron core, moving iron core), contact device (main contact, normally open contact, normally closed contact), arc extinguishing device, and other accessories. The transmission device is also called an electromagnetic mechanism, the static iron core is wound with an attraction coil, and the moving iron core is connected to the contact through a bracket; the contact device is also called an actuator, and the function of the main contact is to control the circuit, normally open/normally closed contact As an auxiliary contact, the function is to conduct the control circuit; when the contact is disconnected, an arc spark will be generated, and the function of the arc extinguishing device is to quickly eliminate the arc.

Electromagnetic contactors are divided according to the passing current and can be divided into two categories: AC contactors and DC contactors. The application range of AC contactors is wider, and the market share has always been large. However, in recent years, the new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for DC contactors in the field of electric vehicles and charging piles has risen rapidly. At present, in my country, the DC contactor market share is larger. Electromagnetic contactors are classified according to the arc extinguishing medium and can be divided into air-type contractors, vacuum-type contractors, oil-immersed type contactors, etc. Electromagnetic contactors are generally air-type electromagnetic contactors and vacuum-type electromagnetic contactors.

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Electromagnetic contactor wiring method
In the contactor wiring method, the contactor has two basic things, the main contact and the auxiliary head, the main contact is used to contact the electrical appliance or connected to the circuit, and the auxiliary contact is
Connected to the control loop, used to control the main loop.
Contactor wiring method, the main contact is generally connected to the main circuit, and there is no special requirement for the sequence, and the auxiliary contact is connected to the control circuit, generally to choose whether it is a normally open contact or a normally closed contact
The choice of contact is determined according to the requirements of the control circuit. Generally, if the normally open and normally closed contacts of an AC contactor are not enough, taking Schneider as an example, a mechanism can be added on the top, similar to the normally open and normally closed contacts. available.
In the contactor wiring method, the judgment of the contactor is normally open, and normally closed can use the on-off range of the multimeter. When the multimeter measures and rings, it proves that it is a normally closed contact. When the multimeter does not sound, it proves that it is normally in open contact.
Just press the button of the auxiliary head with your hand, it will sound when it is normally open, and it will not sound when it is normally closed.

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How to use the electromagnetic contactor
General three-phase contactor - a total of 8 points, three inputs, three outputs, and two control points. The output corresponds to the input, which is easy to see. If you want to add self-locking
If so, you also need to connect the line from one terminal of the output point to the control input point.
You should first know the principle of the AC contactor. He uses an external power supply to add to the coil to generate an electromagnetic field. When power is applied, the contacts will be disconnected when the power is cut off. After knowing the principle, you
It should be clear that the contacts of the external power supply, that is, the two contacts of the coil, are generally at the lower part of the contactor, and each is on one side. The other inputs and outputs are generally on the upper part, just look at it. Also pay attention to the voltage of the external power supply (220V or 380V), which is generally marked with it. And note whether the contact point is normally closed or normally open. If there is self-locking control, it is enough to rationalize the circuit according to the principle.

What are an electromagnetic contactor and its working principle
Electromagnetic contactors can be widely used in control fields such as capacitors, motors, and electric heating equipment. The market space is large, and communications, home appliances, and automobiles are its main downstream markets.
The electromagnetic contactor is the most common type of contactor product. Its working principle is that the current passes through the coil to generate a magnetic field, and the magnetic field makes the static iron core generate electromagnetic attraction, attracting the moving iron core, and the moving iron core drives the contacts to close. When the current disappears, the moving iron core will no longer generate suction, and the contacts will be separated, so as to realize the connection and disconnection of the circuit.

Above, the electromagnetic contactor manufacturer gave you a detailed introduction on how to test the electromagnetic contactor, what parts the electromagnetic contactor consists of, the wiring method, the method of use, and the working principle.

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