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Circuit breaker supplier tells you what is the difference between high-voltage circuit breakers, disconnectors, and load switches

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Although the term high-voltage circuit breaker is unfamiliar, it seems that there is no need to touch it in life. In fact, a high-voltage circuit breaker is simply an important control and protection device. It is mainly used in power plants, substations, and power systems. middle. What are the types of high-voltage circuit breakers?

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(1) Vacuum circuit breaker
The circuit breaker adopts high dielectric strength of vacuum for arc extinguishing, which has fast arc extinguishing action, long service life, and light volume.
Circuit breaker supplier tells you that the contacts of the vacuum circuit breaker are disc-shaped and placed in the vacuum interrupter. When the contacts are just separated since there is no gas that can be dissociated in the vacuum, only high electric field emission and thermal electron emission generate a vacuum arc between the contacts. The temperature of the arc is very high, which makes metal vapor form on the metal surface. Because the contact is designed in a special shape, a transverse magnetic field is generated when the current passes through, so that the vacuum arc moves quickly in the tangential direction of the main contact surface. When the arc naturally crosses zero, the arc Temporary extinguishment and the dielectric strength between the contacts recovers quickly; after the current crosses zero, although the applied voltage recovers, the contact gap will not be broken down again, and the vacuum arc can be completely extinguished when the current crosses zero for the first time.

(2) Compressed air circuit breaker
A circuit breaker uses compressed air as the arc extinguishing medium and the arc gap electrolyte after the contacts are broken. It has strong arc extinguishing performance and fast action, but the structure is complicated and the material loss is large.

(3) Oil circuit breaker
The circuit breaker that uses transformer oil as the arc extinguishing medium and the arc gap electrolyte after the contact is broken is called a low-oil circuit breaker. The circuit breaker that uses transformer oil as the arc extinguishing medium, the arc gap dielectric after the contact is broken, and the insulating medium between the live part and the grounded shell is called a multi-oil circuit breaker.

(4) Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) circuit breaker
A circuit breaker that uses SF6 gas with good arc extinguishing and insulation properties as the arc extinguishing medium. It has strong breaking performance and light volume, but the structure is complicated and the material loss is large.

(5) Solid gas circuit breaker
The arc is extinguished by using the gas produced by the analysis of the solid gas product under the high-temperature condition of the arc.

High voltage circuit breaker function
(1) Control function: put some or all electrical devices and some or all lines into or out of operation according to the requirements of power system operation.
(2) Protection function: When a problem occurs in a certain part of the power system, it cooperates with protection equipment and automatic equipment to quickly remove the faulty part from the system, reduce the scope of power outages, avoid the expansion of accidents, and protect all types of power in the system. The electrical device is not damaged, ensuring the safe operation of the system without failure.

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Isolation switch
Circuit breaker suppliers tell you that, as the name suggests, it is a switch that acts as an isolation function in the operation of the entire circuit. The usage is large, the work reliability is high, and it has a great impact on the design, establishment, and safe operation of substations and power plants. The function of the isolating switch is to disconnect the circuit with no load current. Make the equipment under maintenance and the power supply have an obvious disconnection point to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel. The isolating switch cannot cut off the load current and short-circuit current without a special arc extinguishing device. Therefore, the isolating switch must be operated only when the circuit is disconnected by the circuit breaker.

load switch
The operation process is: when the brake is opened, under the action of the opening spring, the main shaft rotates clockwise. On the one hand, the piston is moved upward through the crank slider mechanism to compress the gas; system, the main switch knife is opened first, and then the arc extinguishing knife is pushed to open the arc contact, and the compressed air in the cylinder blows out the arc through the nozzle.

Summary of Kampa circuit breaker suppliers: After reading the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a better understanding of high-voltage circuit breakers, disconnectors, and load switches. For more information, please continue to pay attention to us, and we will present more exciting content for you in the future.