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The correct way to turn on the timer switch, many people do not know

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The socket is a small part of daily life, and it is closely related to our life. With the development of society, there are many types of sockets. For example, there is a mechanical timing switch. How to use the mechanical timing switch? What? Is it a mechanical timing switch? There are many consumers who must not understand it. Then, let's introduce the mechanical timing switch for you.

Mechanical Time Switch SUL181D

How to use a mechanical timer switch?
1. Find the time scale of the mechanical timer and see if the position of the arrow is at 0 positions.
2. Twist the timer clockwise, turn the scale arrow to a large position or a relatively large position, and let the timer wind up.
3. Then turn the timer counterclockwise to stop the time scale at the desired position, such as 15 minutes.
4. Put it aside, and the mechanical timer will automatically start timing. When the scale reaches 0, the timer will automatically ring or vibrate to remind the user that it is time.
5. If you need to stop the timing in the middle, just turn the knob to 0.

The mechanical timing switch is a device that is programmed by the user to switch on or off the circuit regularly. It is used for the automatic control of lighting circuits, heating circuits, air-conditioning circuits, and access control.

The internal structure mainly consists of three parts:
Power Components
The one-way mechanism of the mainspring and the winding can only be tightened and not loosened when manually twisted. Winding the mainspring provides power for the entire system.

Release party
A series of gear shifts increase the number of rotations of the mainspring when it is slack. At the end of the gear train, there are escape wheels, escapement pawls, and hairspring to ensure that the gear train rotates at a constant speed under the drive of the mainspring. There is a device to adjust the length of the hairspring on the hairspring to adjust the frequency of the escapement claw swing, to ensure that the gear rotates at the set speed, and the tightened spring will not be loosened at once, and it will not be affected by the tightness of the spring. resulting in a change in rotational speed.

Timing trigger device
After a gear in the gear, the train is rotated to a certain angle, and an electrical signal or a mechanical signal is sent to stop the power supply or sound a bell.

The three parts work together, twist the timer to a certain scale, and actually do two things, one is to tighten the mainspring to provide power so that the timer starts to work, and the other is that the scale of the twist is to set the trigger position of the mechanism.

Then, under the control of the escape wheel, the entire structure slowly releases the power of the mainspring, and the gears at all levels start to rotate at a constant speed until the trigger mechanism moves.
What are the types of time switches?
From a functional point of view, timing switches can be divided into mechanical timing switches and electronic timing switches.
1. Mechanical timing switch
The mechanical timing switch is basically composed of a knob, a contact reed, a spring, a contact wheel, a rotating shaft, an oil box, and a resistance plate. The method of timing the interruption of the power supply adopts the principle of clocks.
2. Electronic timing switch
The electronic timing switch is a power switch control device with a single-chip microprocessor as the core configuration, plus electronic, circuit, and other functions. It can cycle according to the count of days or weeks, and even control the opening and closing of home appliances for multiple periods of time.
The control time setting range of the electronic timing switch can be within 1 second to 168 hours, and 20 groups of time settings can be performed on it every day. Because of its multi-channel control function, one setting is effective for a long time. It is very suitable for various industrial electrical appliances, automatic control of household appliances, etc. It is convenient, trouble-free, and money-saving!

This article introduces what is a mechanical timing switch to readers and friends. I believe everyone will have a clear understanding after reading this article. Nowadays, there are many brands that produce timing sockets. For home safety, we should choose a relatively high-quality brand. We also need to pay attention to the voltage problem when using it.