Feature: 1. Dynamic heating up 2. Temperature limiting 3. Energy saving 4. Self-regulating(PTC) 5. Compact These Compact heater for a

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Product Details

1. Dynamic heating up
2. Temperature limiting
3. Energy saving
4. Self-regulating(PTC)
5. Compact 
These Compact heater for avoiding malfunctions caused by condensation and for use in enclosures where the temperature may not fall below a minimum value. The aluminium radiator pofile has a chinmey effect and helps to distribute heat evenly 
These heaters are used in enclosures where damage from condensation must be prevented, or where the temperature may not fall below a minimum value. The aluminum profile heater body design has a chimney effect and distributes the heat evenly. The pressure clamp connectors save time and simplify installation. 

Technical Data

Art. No. Heating capacity* max. current at make L Weight
04000.0-00 15W ca.0.5A 65mm 0.3kg
04001.0-00 30W ca.1.0A 65mm 0.3kg
04003.0-00 45W ca.1.0A 65mm 0.3kg
04005.0-00 60W ca.1.5A 140mm 0.5kg
04006.0-00 75W ca.1.8A 140mm 0.5kg
04007.0-00 100W ca.2.4A 140mm 0.5kg
04008.0-00 150W ca.4.5A 220mm 0.8kg

(UL: Operating voltage AC/DC 110-120V, 3x AWG20×300mm sheathed cablel)
*at room temperature 20?
 Operating with voltages below 140V reduces heating performance by approx. 10
Other voltages available On request(e.g. AC/DC 48V)
Heaters for tropical conditions on request

operating voltage: AC/DC 110-250V max.265V
Heating capacity: see table
Heating element: PTC resistor, self regulating
Radiator: Anodized extruded aluminum profile
Protection class: 2,test voltage 4000V
Protection type: IP 44
Connection cable: 2×0.75mm 2×500mm silicone cable
Mounting: Clip for 35mm DIN rail. EN 50022


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