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The residual current circuit breaker installs the leakage protector in the line, the primary coil is connected to the line of the power grid, and the secondary coil is connected to the release in the leakage protector. When the electrical equipment is running normally, the current in the line is in a balanced state, and the sum of the current vectors in the transformer is zero. Since there is no residual current in the primary coil, the secondary coil will not be induced, and the switching device of the leakage protector operates in a closed state.

When the equipment casing leaks and someone touches it, a shunt will be generated at the fault point. This leakage current will return to the neutral point of the transformer through the human body, the earth, and the working ground, resulting in an unbalanced current flowing in and out of the transformer. Shen produces residual current.

Therefore, the secondary coil will be induced, and when the current value reaches the operating current value limited by the leakage protector, the automatic switch will trip and cut off the power supply.